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But the prototype of the repeater sounds excellent from Cartier watches

Le 4 January 2015, 08:02 dans Humeurs 0

B in the fifth octave and D in the sixth octave were chosen as the best sounding pair of high and low notes. This selection was done by a company based in the south of France that specialises in acoustics for the car industry. In the words of Ms Forestier, they are the ones who make sure the car door slams with the right sound. But the harmony of the two notes is also affected by other sounds, like that of the regulator, which is the bane of many repeaters, especially those designed in the nineties and earlier. This was a problem with the CPCP Tortue repeater.

So a silent governor was used, visible at six o’clock on the dial. Silent governors gradually becoming more widespread for new repeater calibres; since the early 2000s they have been used in many new minute repeating calibres.

In addition to pitch, timbre is third element in a good repeater sound. Technically it refers to harmonics of the note, which is derived from the fundamental and dominant frequencies working together. What that means is that two instruments, a trumpet and violin, for instance, can play the same note with the same pitch and same volume, but sound clearly different. That is timbre, put simply. In the case of the repeater, instead of a trumpet or violin, the sound comes from the Replica Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Watches UK | AAA Quality Tag Heuer Grand Carrera For Sale. Hence many iterations of the gong were experimented with, varying the shape, length and cross section, until the ideal timbre was achieved. One of the primary factors affecting timbre was hardness of the hardened steel used for the gong, as the harder the material, the increase in the harmonics of the note. Cartier used a steel alloy of a secret formula for the gong; Ms Forestier notes that the hardened steel balance staff is 600 Vickers while the alloy of the gong is even harder.

The last component is reverberation, or how long the note lingers. A gently lingering note is more pleasant than one which ends sharply. To maximise the reverberation, the hammer strikes on the gong have to be of constant power, to ensure acoustic resonance. And the interval between strikes has to be of the right duration, and every interval has to be the same length. All of these factors meant that the process of developing the repeater was scientific and also lengthy. But the prototype of the repeater sounds excellent, so clearly the in-depth acoustic research has paid off. The final production pieces, which will come sometime at the end of the year, will certainly be outstanding.

Visually the repeater is handsome, with a strikingly symmetrical, two-level dial with in the style of Cartier Fine Watchmaking. All the traditional Cartier design elements are present too, blue steel sword hands, guilloche and Roman numerals. However, the 45 mm case is large and may be discouraging for some. Given how complex a minute repeater alone is, the tourbillon at 12 o’clock seems superfluous, and it does clutter the dial somewhat. I would have preferred the watch sans tourbillon. But a tourbillon is not overly difficult to include and still carries cachet, especially amongst novice collectors, so its inclusion is understandable from a commercial perspective.

with the most complex being Cartier watches have taken a creative approach to a complication

Le 4 January 2015, 07:59 dans Humeurs 0

Such a thematic display is unusual and already passers by were snapping photos of the showcases when i was there. It begins in the 1920s with the Tank Louis Cartier, arguably the most well known of all the Tank watches. I have this Cartier Tank that was handed down to me by father after i graduated in High school. It's a heirloom, in other words. Unfortunately, being young then with no sense of provenance and preferring instead more popular and brand new watches, I subsequently neglected and basically have forgotten this heirloom until recently.

In such bad condition, I went to the local Cartier service center to have it totally reconditioned. As the watch was being inspected, I was surprised of being told that the timepiece I have is not a Cartier Tank Swiss but rather a Cartier Tank New york. So i asked what exactly do they mean. I know it's not fake cause I know first hand that my father bought it from the sole Cartier AD in our country way back circa 80's, in which the very service center I went to is owned and run by it as well. In response to my query, they said it's not a fake Cartier watch. It is a genuine Cartier watch but it is not Swiss made but rather made by Cartier New york, or something to that effect. My call for help (which i am humbly asking from Cartier watch owners, enthusiasts and collectors) comes in two parts. First. Can someone enlighten me about this two versions or make? Is there such a thing? What's the history of it?

Second. After the service center made a total inspection of the watch, the cost for the total overhaul and restoration of the Replica Omega Seamaster Watches UK Best Sale, is roughly low price. And here's the catch, almost nothing from the original watch will remain. Not even the dial and the hands. It would basically be brand new. So, I ask, is it worth it? What's the best alternative that i can do? I really want to restore the watch to its old glory considering it's the first watch my father handed down to me. So any suggestions, remarks or comments will be much appreciated. Here are some pictures of the watch. One will notice that on the sides of the case, there are no screws. That's the only immediate noticeable difference that i could see between the two versions. The dimension is also different. This 'version' is more squarish than the Swiss made version. From the highly desirable 1920s pieces with EWC calibres to the Collection Privee Cartier Paris (CPCP) of the late nineties, Cartier has had significant accomplishments in high horology over the last century.

The top of the line CPCP line at one point was the Tortue minute repeater, a beefed up modern interpretation of the Tortue repeater from the 1920s. Though quite beautiful, the CPCP repeater used a Renaud & Papi calibre that was somewhat lacklustre in sound, it was soft with significant regulator noise, not unlike many repeater movements of nineties. But the CPCP line was discontinued when replica breitling bentley 6. 75 made its most serious foray in recent years into high end watchmaking with the Fine Watchmaking range in 2008. Since then Cartier has unveiled 15 calibres, with the most complex being the Rotonde de Cartier Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon just launched at SIHH in January. This is Cartier’s second modern attempt at a minute repeater, it is an in-house development, and this time Cartier has got it right.

Unlike some of the other Cartier Fine Watchmaking timepieces that have taken a creative approach to a complication, the minute repeater is traditional in its conception and execution. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the movement is the fact that it has been inverted with the gongs and hammers exposed on the dial for aesthetic purposes.